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Humber Bridge Meet & Dinner
15/11/2019 - 17/11/2019
Based at the Percy Arms, Airmyn, Goole
PRBA's year-end meet, and being in November our flying hours are very sociable, so do come along for good company and a spot of flying. This year we are going back to The Percy Arms in Airmyn, nr Goole (just off the M62). We can camp at the pub too. Also at this meet we hold our annual Humber Bridge dinner - always a good night. 2013 saw out the evening with an impromptu paper plane fight; so in 2014 we held the PRBA paper plane challenge; 2015 we decorated and hovered helium balloons, 2016 we went a-raiding in fancy dress, arrrhh we were pirates. Lots of fun and big laughs with pirate jokes and limericks and some fantastic costumes! 2017 we decided to go with the theme right under our noses - at the Old School House Restaurant - so it was school dinners - naughty school children everywhere! Exams too! 2018, we had a giant elf making fabulous balloon creations for us. 2019???? We welcome everyone to join us for the Humber Bridge dinner whether coming to the meet or not, but we must insist on payment with your dinner order, please.
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Name: Pilot PUT Crew Visitor
Name: Pilot PUT Crew Visitor
Name: Pilot PUT Crew Visitor
Name: Pilot PUT Crew Visitor
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  Dinner venue: The Percy Arms, Airmyn

Price - Adult: £20 member £25 non member; Child: £10.00 member £12.50 non member


A: Homemade Vegetable Soup
B: Garlic Mushrooms
C: Prawn Cocktail

D: Haddock and Chips
E: Lasagne
F: Steak and Ale Pie
G: The Percy Sizzler
H: Liver and Bacon
I: Vegetarian option - Mushroom Stroganoff

J: Baileys Cheescake
K: Chocolate Fudge Cake
L: Crème Brulee

Coffee or Tea

1: Homemade Vegetable Soup
2: Garlic Mushrooms
3: Prawn Cocktail

4: Samll Haddock and Chips
5: Small Lasagne
6: Small Steak and Ale Pie
7: Chicken Nuggets
8: Burger
9: vegetarian option TBA

10: Chocolate Brownie
11: Ice Cream

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Name: Menu choice: (eg A D J)
Name: Menu choice: (eg A D J)
Name: Menu choice: (eg A D J)
Name: Menu choice: (eg A D J)
Name: Menu choice: (eg A D J)
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Flying info: Flying from somewhere in Airmyn, TBA
Re-fuelling: TBA
Competition: The Humber Bridge Shield is to be awarded to the pilot who lands the closest to a bridge marked on the OS map, even better if it is actually the Humber Bridge!

Plus, a real bag full of fun if we can book the restaurant out as a whole.....

Social/Accommodation: More details to follow.

Camping fee to be arranged
Contact: Alex Smith
Phone: Mobile: 07557 098124
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