13/05/2013 Back to News
Thomas Pelling would be proud of us.
The infamous Flying Man of Pocklington would be very proud to know that such a successful annual event has been held to mark his unfortunate attempt at 'flying'.
The PRBA'ers joined in the celebrations even though we didn't actually get airborne ourselves, not even a met balloon!

The new venue proved to be absolutely top class in every way starting with the warm welcome from the owners of Allerthorpe Lakeland Park, Nicky and Steve Whittaker.

Teams 'Basket Cases' and 'Balloonatics' joined the festivities in the Flying Man quiz at the Arts Centre on Saturday evening and despite not being local, when many of the questions were, the 'Basket Cases' came third, winning a Pocklington cinema voucher for two. Our team consisted of six non-locals so we gave the tickets to our own local Flying Man, Malc Skilbeck.

We have a provisional booking for next year (pending confirmation of the dates from the Flying Man committee of course) and have the use of a huge big field, so lots of room for everyone to join us next year!

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