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Loads of dash, no splash!
Warm and sunny weather; warm and friendly balloonists; a new perpetual trophy recovered from its recent trauma; what more's needed for a great balloon meet?

Photo courtesy Brian Trowbridge
September's meet coincided with the first weekend of the Irish meet, then Grass Roots was rolled over for two weeks so it coincided too. It could have been a very small turn-out but, no, there were as many balloons as previous years' Naburn Lock meets.

The River Ouse meandering around two sides of the caravan site presents a great opportunity for a 'splash & dash', so the task to win the new perpetual trophy was... Yes, you've guessed it.

There were too many pleasure boats about to safely splash in the river, and no-one dipped a toe in elsewhere, so the first winner of the Splash & Dash Trophy, a small brass diver's helmet (like a smaller version of the old Coastal Storm Trophy), was Harry Stringer - for the closest 'fly-past' of the river.

The quiz had been inspired by the York Food Festival, taking place the same weekend, so had a food & drink theme and a goody bag of edibles as its prize. And the winners were... Neil and Lesley Beckwith.
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