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Hopping the Henges
Friday the 13th was a bit naughty to us.....

It all started with a chicken, two injured ankles, a bit of soft ground and then Friday the 13th left us alone to the rest of the weekend. Phew.
Once again a warm welcome came from Camp Hill despite the owner, Robert Ropner being absent (in France). We were in the 'show field' this year, but still had uggings of space to camp and launch with the added bonus of ring side seats for the show of willing victims on the Segways, quad bikes, dual steer buggies and Rage buggies.

Alongside our field was a number of quality horses and ponies from the onsite equestrian centre, with the promise that they were so chilled out living at Camp Hill with all the sights and sounds that the balloons wouldn't really cause them too much fright - and they were right; a good old canter and buck up and down their fields in sheer high spirits and excitement was the order of the day.

Saturday dawned and a few intrepid birdmen (and women) took to the skies, the direction was away from the Thornborough Henges so winning the trophy (for landing closest to the centre henge) looked as if it was going to be a matter of measuring, however Saturday evening was absolutely PERFECT in direction and this ended up with a number of claims on the prize - pilots armed with camera evidence to prove their claims! The decision finally went to Mike Bellamy for landing closest to the middle henge per the brief, and for staying there not flying on as the others. The trophy was duly awarded, albeit in a virtual form as it is still with Neil Beckwith in and amongst his belongings awaiting liberation from storage.

Sunday morning promised a good slot, but also delivered a little bit of rain. Still some dodged the rain skillfully and flew regardless.

The quiz was all about recognising famous adults in their minor forms, including one very cute young Phil Traviss and 'Rupert' the teddy bear - who made a special visit to Camp Hill just to prove this little cutie was indeed Phil. There he is above, just how cute can a boy be?! The guesses on Phil's identity ranged from Prince Charles to the Pope!!!

Thank you to all those lovely people who came along to the Second Henge Hoppers meet, it was fab!

Oh, and yes, we're booked in for next year. Why wouldn't we? It's one of the best venues around!
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