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The White Horse Meet
The White Horse Meet has been and gone and we have every kind of weather in one short weekend......
....sadly none of it really conducive to flying balloons.

The trophy was awarded though and the congratulations go to Linda Crossland Clarke and her team of 1000's for being the only ones to actually inflate a balloon over the weekend. Although hot competition for the trophy came in the shape of an 'Art Attack' style entry from Linda, Claire Westwood and Clare Brewster (see photo), made of talcum powder (not flour, as reasoned out that subsequent rain may have made it into a gloopy mess!), and it was still on the field on Monday afternoon, hope the racecourse aren't cross at finding a 'new' white horse on their land.

The quiz (by Alex)all about hill figures, white horses and the like was deemed a difficult one and was eventually won by the 'Limp Wimps' (Terry, Barbara, Mo and Malc) who took the challenge seriously and interrogated the staff at the actual White Horse centre......unlike 'The Cheats' who submitted their entry courtesy of Wiki/Google!!!

Who would have guessed that the Cerne Abbas Giants C_ _ _ was 120 feet long.

(That's his CLUB by the way)
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