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EASA Requirements
Here are the bare bones of what's happening with your balloon's annual inspection (CofA) this year. The CAA are giving their data to Europe (EASA), and are verifying it first by doing a 'survey'. This survey will be done at the same time as your annual inspection, and means there's an extra load of paperwork to do, and extra time involved too. The extra cost will be 25, but it is a one-off. The BBAC are collecting this money on behalf of the CAA. The form the survey is done on is called 'AD202'.
When arranging for this years CofA, use this Checklist.
1. You MUST book the inspection(s) with the inspector in advance (because he has to dig out all the records of your balloon(s) at home beforehand). It is no good turning up at a meet and expecting to be seen.

2. As well as the documentation check, it's a normal CofA too, so arrange all the usual things you would anyway (eg: venue, crew, working fan, etc, etc).

3. Bring with you (tick them off here):

a) cheque book - as payments will have to be made to BBAC
b) Balloon Log book (accurately filled in)
c) Certiticate of airworthiness
d) Flight & Maintenance Manual
e) Technical Log (transport only)
f) Current BBAC Membership card or 35 extra to BBAC.


The PRBA recommends you start getting these documents all together as soon as possible.

Owners of balloons that are not converted from UK (CAA) CofAs to EASA by 27th September 2008 will find the process much harder and more expensive.

Your inspector will guide you through the conversion process, however if you wish to read all the details, please CLICK HERE for more information.

Thanks to Dave Allum and John Till for compiling the information on this web page.
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