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Autumn Gold @ Thornton-le-Dale
It is Sunday evening and the weekend of autumn mists and mellow fruitfulness has been blown away by the warm and mighty winds.

Despite the weather, we have had a nice weekend; we've scratched our heads over the quiz, we've socialised, we've visited the beautiful village up the road, some have ridden on the steam trains in Pickering, or walked on the beach in Scarborough.
The pilot's challenge this weekend was set by Martin Read who won the trophy in 2013, the task he set everyone was to land the closest to a windmill marked on the map. Sadly due to no actual flying, the entries had to be 'virtual' or creative - an imaginative 'entry' by Linda Crossland Clarke and Graham Hill of a paper windmill, a party balloon and a host of chocolate fingers (stuck together with the aid of a hot spoon we believe!).

Linda and Graham were both absent for the prizegiving so the trophy will make it to them at the next meet, a custody battle will no doubt follow! Next year, the challenge will be set by Linda and Graham as the Autumn Gold trophy-defending champions.

Tim Wilkinson turned up on Friday evening to 'give a hand' should anyone need it - a bit of a worrying statement when we found out he had his sheep pregnancy testing kit onboard the van! Anyway Tim kindly donated a bottle of homemade Sloe Whisky for a prize to some lucky recipient over the weekend; Alex did his best to think of a competition heavily weighted in his favour, such as the 'hands up all pilots called Alexander Braund Smith' competition, but we wouldn't let him get away with that one. In the end the coveted prize was awarded for the furthest travelled to the meet, with the Bellamy's at 106 miles being pipped by just 3 more miles driven by the Reads, so Martin and Judy won that one.

Martin and Judy Read were also given a bottle of wine to say thank you for chauffeuring the training envelope to the meet. Janice Stace won the booby prize for her quiz entry and the 'Dimwits' (Alex, Elaine, Barnaby and Elaine's Dad - Gordon) won a bottle of wine for the most correct answers in the quiz.

The venue for the second Autumn Gold meet was High Grundon Farm, Thornton Lane, Thornton le Dale, Pickering, and we're coming back for a third; Friday 9th to Sunday 11th October 2015, which is actually a weekend earlier than this year due to the Pickering 40's weekend taking the third weekend of the year. Why not make a week and a bit of it and book in to the meet, stay all week and then take part in the fabulous 40's event the following weekend? But book now as High Grundon Farm will be stuffed out!

Photo: LCC and GH selfie with their trophy winning entry. (....and who ate all the chocolate fingers afterwards?)

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