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Bowes & Bells rings the right note
After last year's dreadful campsite we looked long and hard for a replacement and we did indeed find a lovely little place to hold the Second Bowes and Bells Balloon Meet.

Broaches Farm is well hidden down narrow lanes (ideal for a balloon trailer/caravan!) but in essence not far from the A66 s very easy to reach.
Sadly the weather did not favour ballooning this weekend but it stayed dry right until the last minute on Sunday when a few light spots of drizzle arrived. Not to worry though as we had a good time nonetheless.

We had a wordy quiz; for example, two words with one added letter in the second - 'Quaint antiques have you intrigued. Curios and Curious'.

Two teams scored full marks - well done to Long John Silver and the Cabin Boy (better known as Phil and Pauline Wilkinson!) and also to Jan Mitchinson. The booby prize ('Step by step guide to ballroom dancing for men' book!) went to Mike Bellamy, although at 18 points it was not a shabby effort at all.

The Bowes and Bells pilots' challenge - the trophy to be awarded to the pilot to land the closest to a bell, any bell, or indeed something related to a bell, was put to the public vote; two contenders again: Team Beckwith for actually taking their little balloon out of the trailer to fit a new parachute, and to Team Cannon/Haworth for also allowing their envelope to see the light of day and actually turned the whole thing around and repacked its bag. The public vote went to Team Cannon/Haworth especially as Peter Haworth had brought along a cow bell to ensure he landed closest to a bell!

The beautiful countryside didn't let us down, and especially so at Broaches Farm with gorgeous daffodils lining the driveway.

We had a lovely mix of people along, thank you for joining us. The next meet is the Flying Man of Pocklington, hope to see you there.
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