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Humber Bridge - a bit damp!
We made it a good weekend despite the wet and windy weather.

Only one balloon arrived - courtesy of Mr Court junior, and his crew of Mr Wade junior and Mr Timbrell, oh and the Good Lady Caitlin (someone has to keep the boys in check!). The youth team ventured forth and even had the wicker on the grass. All for Charlie Timbrell - the only Pu/t in the quartet, to undertake a briefing amidst much heckling! Poor Charlie!

So with the afternoon briefing declared pointless, we all dispersed for the day to play out and assemble again for the evening's dinner at the Old School House Restaurant in Leven.

Barry and Sonya at the Old School House put on a lovely meal for us - lots and lots and lots of vegetables to accompany the various dishes, all of which received a good report.
Meal over and a couple of presentations, firstly the Autumn Gold 'Autumn leaves' trophy which was presented to Wendy and Graham Hill for their sterling efforts at completing the task set by Linda Crossland Clarke at the October event at High Grundon Farm, Thornton le Dale. Every year the winner must set the task for the following year so looking forward to Wendy and Graham's task.

The second presentation was also a hangover from the Autumn Gold meet and went to Ray Wright, both he and Emily Read landed their balloons in the same field - Read and Wright together was rather fitting so a notebook and pens it was for them both.

The quiz set for the event was a word ladder - and relatively simple once on the right lines, many correct entries gave Alex the problem of a tie breaker, so he declared the first person to present him with three items beginning with 'E' as the winner......sprinting forward came Wendy Hill and her three E's were eye, ear and earring - a good job she didn't have to put them on the counter (apart from the earring of course).

The main event for the evening was the balloon hover, firstly lots of pretty balloons paraded around the room for our lovely judges....five ladies also enjoying the Old School House menu, and they chose Lorraine's balloon, with the runners up being Elle and Lissa. On with the 'hover' and out came little homemade baskets and all manner of adornments. The balloons were set free and what a difficult task to decide a winner as they cooled and dropped, warmed and rose constantly. Finally the winner was declared to be Helen, with her blue balloon and a little polystyrene basket.

Well done to all our competitors, and see, it was a flyable meet after all!

Well, that's it for our 2015 calendar of meets.

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