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Terry Chamberlain 1945-2016
Born in the shadow of the York City Walls, Terry Chamberlain was a true Yorkshire man and was well known in Ballooning circles by his nickname 'How Much'.

A lifelong Scout and Venture Scout Leader, Terry became a balloonist after meeting 'wife to be' Barbara who was involved with The York Balloon Group in the early 80's. Both Terry and Barbara became competition observers after helping organise the ‘84 Europeans, which was held at York University, where they both worked. Terry became 'crew chief' for Colin Wolstenholme (actually I think Barbara was the 'chief') and travelled extensively worldwide to all the major ballooning events.

After taking ownership of G-WIMP and training with Colin, Dave Sutcliffe and Tom Donnelly, Terry checked out as a Pilot at the age of 50 in January 95.

After many hours of flying fun and two trips to Metz, little G-WIMP was replaced with the larger G-LIMP hence an extra passenger could be flown and The 'Limp Wimp' Balloon Team was born.

Terry served for several years as chairman of the Pennine Region and in the last few years filled the post of Safety Officer, as with anything he was involved in he gave it his all.

After retirement in 2007, apart from ballooning, Terry filled his days with gardening, volunteering with the Pocklington canal restoration team, he also gave a lot of time to Snowball Plantation, the local scout centre, and had a passion for watching rugby.

He was great company to be around and a great friend to many people.

We are all going to miss Terry’s pre-landing warning "Bend your legs, WE'RE GOING INARD!"
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