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Steve Hollingsworth
We are saddened to report that we have been informed by Mike and Mary Bellamy of the death of Steve Hollingsworth. Mike is a lifelong friend of Steve's father and they are understandably very upset by this sad news.

Steve has been a member of the Pennine Region for many, many years and most of you will know him as co-pilot with Mike Bellamy of Springtime and many other balloons in the past, such as Pork Farms. In latter years he has not been coming to as many of our meets as he did in the past, and the last one he attended was Naburn Lock last September.

Steve had been in hospital recently and had been discharged. He was found at home in Goathland and as yet it is unclear why he passed away - a post mortem is to be held (but it is believed that there are no suspicious circumstances), after which the funeral will be planned and information regarding this will be passed out to you. It will be in Nottingham.

I understand that many past members are not on our email distribution list, in our Facebook or Twitter groups, or likely to see this posting, so if you know anyone who knew Steve we would be grateful if this information could be passed along.

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