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Humber Bridge 2008 - The Sound of Music
A report from our chairman - Phil Traviss
Although the first briefing was well attended, the wind on the met was described as 'Sound of Music' - sixteen going on seventeen. Only John Russon actually brought a balloon with him. He's apparently managed to fulful Phil Dunnington's old advice (fly at least once every month) for the last seven years and needs a November slot. Trying to find one has been like climbing a mountain. However, The Humber Bridge 2008 was not to be it. We had to satisfy ourselves with alternate amusement, visits and trips out and the Balloonists Supper organised by Nicola Bowater at the hotel which all went down well. Special thanks to Malc for arranging last-minute entertainment (there being no speaker at this meet) in the form of a slideshow of his favourite things. The Landowner's draw was made, a farmer near Driffield was the winner (lives on his own and keeps goats), details in the next SCOOP. Richard and Nicola were hoping that the sound of music would not go on all night as they were right above the disco. The Sunday morning brought a covering of snow giving Pearson Park the look of an alpine hilltop! All that was missing were Edelweiss.

So long, farewell,


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